Monday, May 3, 2010

Random Stuff

Here is a quick update with a few random pictures. Korver just turned 4 months and I cant believe how fast time is going. It seems like it goes even faster now that I have two kids! He weighed 15 lbs 13 oz at his appt. He is still such a chunk! I love how much he is interacting with us now. His sister is his very favorite though. He will search the whole room for her so he can laugh and talk to her. And he just started rolling over. He can make it almost to his belly but his arm gets stuck under him. He also just found our dogs and loves to watch and giggle at them. His other favorite thing to do now is spit. He thinks its so funny. But now he is teaching his older sister bad things! It is such a fun age. And he is such a happy easy baby! I am thinking it is true that boys are easier. He is so much more laid back than Kadence was when she was a baby. Kadence is loving being a big sister. She is such a good helper. Sometimes too good. She wants to do EVERYTHING by herself. Luckily Korver is pretty much as big as she is so she cant pick him up. But she just seems so old to me lately. She is starting dance class next month and that is all she can talk about. She is soooo excited! Ok so more posts to come soon I promise :)

Korver rolling

Kadence hanging out at softball. She loves it as much as her dad
At the aquarium
Cuddling in bed reading stories
How cute are they!! I think they look so much alike!


The Coach and his Wife said...

Your kids are so cute, I cant believe how big he is! I want to squeeze those chubby little cheeks! Where are you getting those cute shirts for him?

Francis Family said...

He is so big already! Maybe one day I'll get to see him :) Hope you guys are doing well!