Monday, October 12, 2009

Kadence's first Vegas experience

Well this weekend we took a quick trip to Vegas. Tyler was going down to play in a softball tournament and me and Kadence decided to go last minute since we have been home alone so much lately. I was kinda worried about how she would do on such a long drive, but I was pleasantly surprised. She did so much better than I thought she was going to. We borrowed a DVD player for her to watch movies and I think that saved our lives. But we had a really good time. It was so fun to experience Vegas through her eyes for the first time. I think she was amazed and a little overwhelmed by all the lights and everything going on. We stayed at Circus Circus and she loved that. We watched two circus shows; one magic show that was really cool, and then a clown show that was really lame but I think she enjoyed it anyway. Most the day Saturday we were watching softball (one of Kadence's favorite things to do). Then Saturday night we went to Freemont Street to show Kadence the light show on the ceiling. It was really loud so she couldn't decide weather she liked it or not. Sunday we went to the dolphin exhibit at the Mirage. It was really cool to see the dolphins and they also have lots of lions so she really liked that.
Kadence riding the tiger
This white tiger looked like he wanted to eat me for lunch
This male tiger was biting the female on the butt! Typical male perv :)
These dolphins did lots of fun tricks and splashed us. Kadence loved that.
Light show on Freemont Street.
Us hangin out on Freemont Street.
Tyler and Kadence goofin around waiting for mom.
Playin at the softball park.
Outside of Circus Circus with her new pet horse named Bob.
This was her face pulling into town. I don't think she knew what to think.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lots of Mommy & Daughter time!

So for the last month I have been a single mom... well kinda. Ty was working out of town in Tucson, Arizona since the first of September. So me and Kadence have been trying to find things to do to pass the time more quickly and not be bored out of our minds! He got to come home on the weekends, but it still made really long weeks! And let me tell you that I gained a new respect for single moms out there! It was really hard to be home all day and night with no break. You don't realize how much help our husbands really are until they are gone! And dont get me wrong I love being with my little girl, but I think there were times that we had both had enough of each other. But here are some of the things we have been up to.

Kadence wearing my glasses and being goofy
We had to go buy party hats cause her favorite Barney movie has them. And now every time we watch it we both get to wear one and dance around. Thank goodness for blinds :)
Playing at the Riverdale Park
Feeding the ducks at the Layton Park
I could not get her out of this car at Walmart. She thought it was the coolest thing ever.